Covenant Review & Enforcement

HOA Covenant Enforcement Policy

As a community, CCVN residents adopted covenants to ensure that residents work together to maintain the high neighborhood standards that all have come to expect.
Click here for a complete copy of the HOA Covenants. 

The Covenant Review Committee (CRC) enforces the Covenants pursuant to the Policies and Procedures adopted by the HOA in 2015.  Click here for a copy of the Covenant Enforcement Procedures. 

The CRC responds to complaints and concerns about covenant compliance issues.
To request CRC attention regarding a specific property, email [email protected] or click here to submit an online form.

For any questions about covenant enforcement, please contact the CRC by emailing [email protected].

Covenant Reminders

The CCVN covenants in place for our neighborhood require owners to keep the exterior of their Property in a clean & sightly manner.  Please take an objective look at your property and make sure it is in compliance with the following:

Property Exterior: Driveways, doors, garage doors, exterior lighting, decks/patios, and windows must all be in good repair and appear well-maintained.

Automobiles: Inoperable vehicles, oversized vehicles, trailers, boats, and RVs may not be parked or stored within the community unless kept in a garage or screened from view of the street and adjacent properties. 

Landscaping: Lawns must be mowed, weeds cut, and hedges/shrubs/trees pruned and trimmed.  The property should be clear of yard waste, including weeds and debris.

  • To schedule a yard waste or large item pickup from Greenwood Village, call the Public Works Department at (303) 708-6100.

Trash & Recycling Containers: In Greenwood Village, trash, recycling, and yard debris may be placed at the curb no more than one day before a scheduled pickup.  Trash & recycling containers must be removed from the curb no later than midnight following a scheduled pickup and must be stored in such a position as to be reasonably screened from the sight of those off the property.  

Owner Action Requests

The HOA uses door tags like the one on the right as a means of reaching out to residents about compliance issues on their properties. If you receive an Owner Action Request, please address the issue as soon as possible. Failure to comply may result in additional warnings and/or the assessment of fines as set forth in the covenants. 

If you are unable to comply with the request or need assistance resolving the issue, please reach out to the CRC at [email protected].


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